A pediatric surgeon, Dr. Madonna’s innovative research is focused on understanding what makes neuroblastoma tumor cells in some patients resistant to standard forms of chemotherapy —a major obstacle in treating the disease. Neuroblastoma is an aggressive solid tumor of childhood.

The Beckley Foundation's mission is to support breakthrough cancer research, this fund was created to do just that. Each year, the Beckley Foundation works toward supporting cancer research and has chosen Dr. Madonna's lab as a recipient.

Ongoing research by Dr. Madonna holds promise for developing individualized treatments for children with neuroblastoma. By profiling the specific genetic makeup of their tumors she hopes to identify traits indicating their ability to adapt to evade and survive chemotherapy. This would lead to developing tailored therapies that would prevent or reverse chemotherapy resistance to this deadly disease, resulting in better outcomes for children with this form of cancer.

Enhancing the health and well-being of children is an investment in our future. Our grant helps make a meaningful impact on her research efforts to improve or save the lives of children.

Mary Beth Madonna, MD

Mary Beth Madonna, MD

Nearly 70% percent of children with neuroblastoma have advanced-stage disease, which has a survival rate of less than 40%.


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Join the Beckley Foundation and physician-scientist Dr. Mary Beth Madonna at her 12th Annual Martini Party on June 21st, 2019. Proceeds from the event will support her cutting-edge research efforts through the Neuroblastoma Research Fund.

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